The Twickenham member asked how many people were born on the island. It seems to me that people, and perhaps their parents and grandparents, were born there, have come a long way on the road to citizenship. If they have citizenship of the island, will the government recognize it? I explain an interest: like some of my friends, I was on Ascension Island on the way to the Falkland Islands. I had a happy lunch break in the beautiful residence of the administrator. It had a lawn that many people in this country would visit proudly, and a lot of effort has to go to maintenance if you consider the problems at the top of the mountain there. We had to spend even more time on the island on the way back from the Falkland Islands, because the RAF would not take us from there until the fog dissipated at RAF Brize Norton. The RAF did not want to land at Heathrow or Prestwick because of the costs. The location of the island has made it a useful stopping point for ships and communications. The Royal Navy used the island as a victualization station for ships, especially those of the West African Wing, which worked against the slave trade. [11] A garrison of the Royal Marines was deployed from 1823 to the Ascension of Christ and Colonel Edward Nicolls became the first commander.

[12], a voter, Mr. Hutchison, who is passionately interested in this subject, asked me to ask for the debate. Since then, I have been inundated with emails and other messages from insulanians, elected council members, people who have served on the island and former British administrators, all of whom have the passionate impression that the islanders have been betrayed and that we may be on the brink of a case similar to that of Diego Garcia, which has been the subject of much controversy four decades ago and the consequences of which are still to this day. The island is very small, of course, and the problem is a small number of people, but it is interesting to note that 20 years ago, this country went to war against the 2,000 inhabitants of the Falkland Islands. The status and rights of just over 1000 people on Ascension Island should therefore rightly occupy us. If you are interested in a visit to Ascension Island, please visit the Ascension Island Vonregierung – the site of the island visited – Ascension Island`s revenue budget for 2003/2004 was $4.3 million. Budgetary expenditures were $3.3 million for recurring expenditures and $0.7 million for capital expenditures, resulting in transfer reserves of $0.3 million – 7%. from one point to the other Public expenditure funds a school, a hospital offering limited services, but also basic services, as well as police and justice services, all of which are made available free of charge to local taxpayers. Given that the economy is so fragile, the government should certainly reassure the people of Ascension Island by adopting a coherent and fair policy towards the island. The island is indeed remarkable and the American presence is the dominant characteristic, but it is also strategic for this country. We know this from what happened during the Falklands War and in the years that followed. The community of the Ascension of Christ consists mainly of people from the island of St.

Helena. I have asked many of them if they consider themselves to be wine from the island of St. Helena, and they still consider themselves saints. The situation was recorded for me in an e-mail I received from Mr. Martin Cole, who told me about his great-grandmother, Flora Wilson, who was apparently born in the mid-19th century on Ascension Island and still considered herself an insulaeuse. She has written many times to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the authorities of the Assumption of Christ to document her birth, and they have always refused to respond to their letters. Once, the recording told her that it would be quite embarrassing for her to acknowledge that people were born on the island and that they were engaged and attached to it, because it would blow something like a hole in the official definition of an insulan.