It is decent, especially the prices of individual rentals. Looks like they`ve fixed their Wifi problem a bit, and the rooms are bigger than, say, 922 or The District. We had problems with our washing machine/dryer, but the maintenance was quite helpful and responsive. I had problems with my parcels that were delivered, but it didn`t matter. I would say that BLVD is like any student complex – cheap building materials, lots of students in one place, half decent amenities. I`ve lived here for a year, but I`ve been coming here for three years for friends who were residents. What other questions have there been? As a parent, I would advise 20%.1 An employee named Alex recently laughed at the fact that my daughters were towed to the premises. A towed car can be a nightmare for parents. Alex is a perfect example of someone who can`t work with young students, represent a business or manage applications.

If Blvd 1900 has such LOW standards for its employees, you can of course predict what you will face when you move in. Buyers are attentive. Only new contracts; limit one resident per bedroom. The housing contract must be fully signed as long as this temporary offer is in effect. The first rental rate and annual administrative fees are due on August 1, 2021. Authorized caution or other partial down payment required. Premium pack (if applicable) after approval of the deposit. All agreements are subject to management approval as part of due process guidelines. Can`t be combined with another special offer.

He lived here for a year and they`re still building! When I looked at this place last year (June), they told me that they were redesigning the management area to update it and would only last a month. When I moved in, they were done. I didn`t know much about it until December/January for them to be ready. Then they decided to paint all the buildings. They barely let you know what`s going on. Water and Wi-Fi would always stop working. It went on for two weeks without taking a shower and I have a lot of work orders for that. The only reason I fixed it was because I told a worker who brought us our missing TV remote. The doors are still broken. The dog pees in the elevator and always sounds like it`s going to crash on you. The walls are also thin in paper.

Do you have a car? Good luck. The parking/driving is narrow and with all the construction, it takes up more space. Also, my car was towed because I wasn`t parked in the right area and at that time they didn`t have signs. Now they do, but they are constantly changing into “welcome parking” and “Resident Parking.” Please don`t live here! If you`re going for a ride, look for the entire location before you decide. If 👍 evaluation, you offer similar apartments, if ever. If checking 👎, please suggest to others that people can check. Alight Tempe 1900 E Apache Blvd Tempe, Arizona (480) 966-3300 Hey da! Transfer student moving to Tempe to finish up my degree at ASU. Currently, view on Blvd 1900 until the ratings are the typical reviews of the college apartment. Did anyone live there? I`ve been living at BLVD 1900 for 3 years, and I`m trying to get the office or management to do anything like tear your teeth. Any rule they have, they refuse to impose it, unless it is in their best interest and even then, sometimes they do not.

READ YOUR LEASE TOO! If you want to move early, they will charge you rent every month you would have paid anyway and you always charge the person they move in after you, basically they will receive double rent for those months. They always do things on buildings like Pinting or anything and they never tell you! Paint, cut water, turn off Wi-Fi all the time with little or no announcement. I hate this place, and I hope no one will ever live here! Property Manager on 1900 Boulevard, responded to this assessment: This is probably the cheapest apartment if you are not trying to share a lease. Individual rentals