Freight of all types (FAK) – A tariff agreement between the shipper/broker and the carrier. Find out everything you need to know about FAK. Drop-Trailer program is a great way to reshape your supply chain and can certainly offer many benefits for carriers. However, it is not suitable for all programs. Depending on the type of freight, trailer, destination and time limits, the use and benefits of this program may vary. Dunnage – Packaging material for cargo protection in the trailer during transport. The use of a program can be beneficial for both shippers and carriers. Here are some important advantages to considering a drop-trailer program: To put it simply, the drop trailer is when a driver leaves your trailer on the site for a while, until another vehicle picks it up. The trailer can already be filled with cargo and left in the intermediate facility or delivered empty to a shipper`s storage or distribution centre. This method gives the chargers more independence because they can load the trailers themselves. Tractor – A tractor is the aggregate that pulls the trailer. There are two types of tractors: axles with a axle and double.

Axle tractors are normally used for pickup and delivery, while dual axle tractors are normally used for regular transportation. Step Deck – Type of equipment used in truck shipping for larger parts. Learn more about step Deck Trailer. If you use less than truckload shipping (LTL), you`ll probably come across many terms that just don`t make much sense. It is very important that you know and understand what is written about your shipping contract or bill of lading. You probably went through the term “Drop Trailer” at some point. What is a drop-trailer, and why do some LTL companies use it?? Let`s see. Is it time for your company to watch a drop trailer and/or a drop-and-Hook freight program? The current shortage of capacity and the shortage of drivers have led to serious problems in the supply chains of many companies and have increased the demand for trailer and drop-and-hook transport programs.

What is a drop-trailer program? This is when a carrier brings a tractor to the loading ramp and retrieves a previously loaded trailer. Drop and hooks takes shipping the trailer drop a step further. An aircraft carrier arrives with an empty trailer to drop off, picks up a loaded trailer and continues to the final destination. Many shippers are now considering discontinuing trailer programs, mainly due to new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) service rules, which are closely monitored by the ELD mandate. Before changing the hours of service, if a driver waited three or four hours or more while his trailer was loaded, he could catch up by driving more hours.