It is recommended that these clauses be considered at an early stage and that an event be legally assessed as a case of force majeure in order to ensure compliance with applicable contractual requirements. Comment: Typical force majeure events include natural causes (fires, storms, floods), state or social actions (war, invasion, unrest, labour strikes), infrastructure failures (transportation, energy), etc. Given the Covid 19 pandemic, this sample also includes epidemics, pandemics and quarantines. As a general rule, the party affected by a case of force majeure is required to immediately inform the party in writing of the force majeure event (in detail) and the likely duration of the event on the game. Some agreements may provide that an interruption of a party`s performance due to a case of force majeure, which goes beyond a certain period, will result in the termination of the contract. Force majeure is generally defined as an event or any condition that does not exist at the time of signing the contract, which is not reasonably foreseeable at the time of that date and is not reasonably under the control of one of the parties, which prevents the performance of its contractual obligations by either party or makes the performance of those obligations so difficult or costly that such benefit is economically unreasonable. Comment: This language of example is provided for parties who enter into contracts in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic who want to ensure that current circumstances are not considered force majeure events at the time of execution. It is recommended that parties whose agreement is affected by the COVID-19 Some contracts contain explicit provisions for situations where the delivery is impeded for reasons outside the parties` scope of control (so-called force majeure clauses). Force majeure clauses generally excuse the non-compliant part of the liability. If the initiation of COVID-19 makes the performance of the contract much more cumbersome (but not impossible), amending agreements on the basis of klausula teaching could be an additional option to further examine and evaluate the performance of the contract taking into account the particular circumstances.