Some of you have already accepted the agreement and should not expect further emails unless there is a new update in the future that will require acceptance. We have found that you have not yet approved the new trade agreements. You must register with by October 1, 2010 and accept updated agreements. If you don`t, you can`t accept MasterCard payments. 13. Distributor identification. The merchant agrees to inform the cardholder of the dealer`s identity at all points of interaction, so that the cardholder can easily identify the transaction. There is another thread on this board with a title like “How to accept the deal”? This Commercial Entity Agreement (CEA) is made available to all users PayPal who meet the definition of “business units” or equivalent according to the Rules Association (defined below) and who open and use a Premier or Business account (such use of these accounts collectively called “Premier Business/Service”). (Each of these companies or persons receiving this document is referred to here as “trader”). This AEC presents the legally binding contract separate from the merchant for the processing of credit cards between (1) Merchant as a commercial enterprise; (2) member (i.e. HSBC Bank plc); and (3) GPUK LLP, which are traded as global payments (“processors”).

The AEC also benefits a group of HSBC companies other than the member who provides access to a bank identification number (“BB”) for MasterCard and Visa transactions acquired for the merchant (“HSBC company” as long as the CEA refers to the use of this BIN). The member or subcontractor may terminate the provision of credit card processing services and enforce a provision or provision of the merchant`s PayPal (PUA) agreement or rely on all members or processors deemed relevant, are inserted into this AEC by reference. In this AEC “we,” “we” and “our” relate to members and processors, unless, within the meaning of association regulations or affiliation, it must mean only one member. To avoid any doubt, Processor is not a subsidiary, subsidiary or member of HSBC Group. For the purposes of this AEC and its service by the transformer: (i) the transformer is the member`s exclusive agent; (ii) the member is responsible for the power of the AEC processor; (iii) The member must approve in advance any royalty due by the distributor or the distributor under the AEC; and (iv) the processor does not have direct or indirect access to an account for funds or funds that have been withheld by a merchant and/or funds obtained by a merchant for credit bookings resulting from or in connection with the AEC. I am told that I can no longer take Mastercard because I have not accepted the new contract. I clicked on the link provided for acceptance of the agreement and reached an impasse. Can you get away with it? Compensation.