12.5. All cases of disagreement over the interpretation or application of the terms of this agreement are referred to the national level and to the signatories of this agreement for an emergency solution. Royal Mail has no choice but to implement this legislation, but Royal Mail and the CWU believe that we should take this opportunity to develop a highly professional distribution network focused on customer service, performance and quality, which offers job security. Both parties also recognize and commit to including improved sales conditions in a new Professional Driver Package that allows the retention of current drivers and future hiring. The following agreement outlines the revised labour agreements and the general conditions for the establishment of a flexible and efficient distribution activity that meets the needs of customers for the first time. 2 You agree that you will have to submit to such a medical assessment, as the Royal Mail Occupational Health Advisers deems appropriate. In the event that Royal Mail`s occupational health advisors feel that you are not fit to drive LNVs, Royal Mail reserves the right to withdraw funding from this agreement in order to allow you to obtain an LGV licence. The attached agreement ensures that the selection process is open to all interested parties. There will be a reserve list that will provide the same opportunity to develop customer service and administration capabilities, as well as an appeal process that will ensure fair and transparent selection criteria for all. Branches and representatives are aware that the Department, under the banner of the “Work Program” treatment program and the commitment to a more collaborative work model, that respects the mutual interests of both The Royal Mail and the CWU, which are included in the Agenda for Growth, Stability and Long-Term Success of the Growth Agreement , stability and long-term success, was responsible for filling the knowledge gap in the operations of the postal centre. Similarly, we are taking a standardized policy approach to combating the anarchy of operations and equipment, resulting from an unassized kit and equipment and equipment throughout the postal centre site.