8. If the above work is completed in the manner provided for by the above provision, the architect must notify the owners in writing of the removal of their surplus materials and installations and, if the owners do not do so within seven days, the owner may sell it by public auction and credit the owners with the net amount realized. The architect must then establish and certify in writing what (if anything) is due or payable to the owner, for the value of the building and the materials thus borne by the owner, the costs or losses that the owner incurred for the acquisition of the work to be carried out and the amount, if this is due to the owners and the amount to be certified, the owner is paid by the owner to the owners or, if necessary, to the owner to the owner, and the architect`s certificate is final. According to the standards in some states, if the developer changes the town planning plan, he must obtain the written agreement of the buyer. “Some developers have now started inserting a page into the owner-buyer agreement, and they have obtained prior approval,” Sood adds. The construction/buyer contract is an immensely important document since it is the legal contract between the owner and the buyer. If the developer does not keep his word in any form, it is the most important legal document that the buyer must use. Many owner-buyer agreements have shifted sharply in favour of the owner. We are discussing some of the common provisions and their impact on you.

The RERA section is 11 (4) which concerns the contractor-buyer contract. Here are some of the main take-aways for you: 7. If the owners abandon the contract or do not start work or suspend the progress of the work for 14 days without legal apologies under these conditions, or do not continue the work with due diligence and do not make the appropriate progress, which would allow the work to be drawn and replaced within the agreed time frame or not to remove the materials from the site for seven days after receiving the architect`s written notification that the materials or works mentioned were defective and were refused by the architect in question, or not to observe and perform them insistently, all or all of the acts mentioned. , materials or objects prescribed by this contract that must be respected and executed by the owner seven days after written notification, the owners must respect or perform this and the architect certifies to the owner in writing, that this is the case, the owner may, after seven days of notification by the architect in question, terminate the licence in writing to the owners and, to the extent that he refers to the completion of the remaining works, without infringing on the powers of the architect or the obligations and obligations of the owners, whose entirety has remained in force since then, as if this agreement had not been defined in this way. And the owner by his servants or his fulfillers can do the work, Tools, scaffolding, sheds, machinery, power, utensils and materials found on land or adjacent land or roads enter and take possession and use the same as one`s own property or use the same thing through its own servants and workers in the execution and completion of the work or by the use of another contracting person or other person to complete the work. Do not interrupt or do an act, material or thing to obstruct or obstruct other contractors or persons employed for the completion and completion of the work or the use of the equipment and installation for the work.