The representative of Ghana, a member of the Non-Aligned Movement and the African Group, took note of the reference to his country`s working paper on strengthening relations and cooperation between the United Nations and regional agreements or organizations in the peaceful settlement of disputes. Following the deliberations of the 2020 Charter Special Committee in February, his delegation took note of the views expressed by some delegations that the Ghanaian document could be duplicated, given the existing legal framework, and that the revised draft document on guidelines for cooperation between the United Nations and regional agreements or organizations could have an impact on the budget. He assured the Committee that revised draft guidelines would be submitted for consideration at the next session of the Special Committee, taking into account the comments of delegations. Representatives of the host country regularly attend committee meetings. The Director-General of UNOG, the Head of the Protocol and Liaison Service and the legal adviser of UNOG are also involved in the Committee`s work. In this context, they provide the necessary support and draw attention to issues of mutual interest regarding the siege agreement reached in April 1996 by international organizations and the Federal Council. The representative of Cuba stated that the illegal measures imposed by the United States government on her delegation had not been lifted, “even in the worst moments of the COVID-19 pandemic.” She referred to arbitrary restrictions on the freedom of movement of diplomats from different countries and their family members and said that the United States was also delaying and denying visas. In addition, it wrongly expels diplomats accredited to the United Nations, confiscates assets and prevents Member States from using accounts in bank accounts to meet their financial obligations. This selective and arbitrary application of the siege agreement by the host country was also a flagrant violation of the principle of sovereign equality among all members of the organization.

She also noted that the recent statement by the legal adviser concerned the lack of progress in discussions with representatives of the host country and stated that the reluctance of the United States to resolve disputes peacefully shows its intention to continue to abuse its status as host countries. The Secretariat intends to develop a UNFCCC meeting and conference organization manual to provide detailed information on organizational, management and logistical needs for countries that may consider holding meetings. Therefore, the host country agreement allows parties to the dispute located in or near the host country to fully exploit the flexibility and effectiveness of PCA-managed procedures within the host country. The representative of the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, which joins the non-aligned movement, said that the principle of sovereign equality should be strictly respected in all UN activities.