Commenting on the new modus operandi, Hardeep Puri said on Thursday: “Until international civil aviation can recover its pre-COVID figures, the answer will be in the air bubbles.” “Transport bubbles” or “Air Travel Arrangements” are temporary agreements between two countries that aim to resume commercial passenger transport when scheduled international flights are suspended as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. They are reciprocal, which means that airlines in both countries enjoy similar benefits. The details of such agreements, such as 18.11.2020, are as follows: The Thai government is also considering a plan for quarantine-free travel bubbles with China. Officials hope that if approved, the scheme can enter into force in time for the Chinese New Year in February. China currently has 22 provinces at risk, having not recorded 19 Covid cases in more than 150 days. Note: no comprehensive list. This section is constantly updated when other travel bubbles are confirmed. No, “air bubbles” do not mean the resumption of international commercial exploitation of passengers. These are always return flights, for which countries have agreed to allow airlines from other airlines to enter and travel to their respective countries, but with conditions. New Zealand is preparing to send a team of experts to explore the possibility of opening a travel bubble between New Zealand and the Cook Islands. If the trip goes smoothly, a travel bubble could be set up within 14 days, according to Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand`s prime minister. Although India has extended its embargo on international flights until 30 September, “air bubbles” or “air bridges” are the only means by which international commercial air traffic has resumed since mid-July.

Since then, India`s number of air bubbles has risen to 13, with Japan the last country to be on the list. From October 16, 2020, New Zealanders will be able to travel to NSW and the Northern Territory. But it is not so much a bubble, but a one-sided journey without quarantine. While New Zealanders can visit New South Wales, Australia or the Northern Territory, Australians will not yet be able to travel to New Zealand. In addition, New Zealanders are advised not to travel abroad and should always be quarantined when returning home. As part of these exclusive air bubbles, Air France will also serve flights between India and France. From July 18 to August 1, the airline will offer 28 flights between Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Paris. Unlike the Vande Bharat mission, the Air Bubble Pact is a bilateral agreement between two countries that allows air passengers to travel freely without registering with the government. In the Vande Bharat mission, you have to report your name to the Indian Embassy to fly from a particular country.

Even in Air Bubbles, flights from both countries are allowed to increase flight options and reduce prices.