When a man and a woman are married (instead of just thinking about marriage), they can be kept at a very high level of equity in their financial relationships – perhaps a higher level than would be the case if they entered into a pre-marital contract. To resolve these concerns and alleviate these fears, Susan and Matt can enter into a post-marriage agreement, which will be verified by their separate lawyers, to ensure that everyone gets a fair shake and understands the details of the agreement. This will give both Susan and Matt silence, just in case they eventually decide to get a divorce. In this way, post-marital agreements are forward-looking and allow the parties to focus on their daily lives, rather than wondering what might happen in the future. In no situation does North Carolina require agreements or agreements after the fact, even if a couple chooses to divorce. However, if spouses have a common personal or commercial patrimony or have children in common, an agreement is the best way to define each spouse`s legal rights and obligations in the event of separation or divorce. Everyone hopes that the person who marries them will want to remain faithful to them forever out of pure love and loyalty, but unfortunately, it doesn`t always act like that. A post-uptial agreement makes the two spouses rather faithful to remain with each other. An additional clause in your Postnup, which details the financial protection for the aggrieved spouse and the consequences for the cheating husband or wife, will serve as protection for both parties if the love fades and trust is broken by infidelity. 5.2 The parties guarantee that they are aware that, according to the matrimonial procedure, this agreement is a binding legal document and that they have been given sufficient time to assess the consequences of its signing. If you are considering a marriage agreement, a post-18th-long agreement, separation or divorce, our eminent home and family lawyers are here to help.

We advise and represent clients in all aspects of North Carolina`s marriage and separation and divorce law. The postnups leave the door open to the couple to make amends and clarify the financial rights of each spouse in case he is unable to repair his relationship. If the agreement is properly drafted, the affairs of the wealth division relating to personal and marital property as well as the spousal assistance scheme are consolidated if the marriage is covered by the divorce. In addition, separation agreements are often used to formalize mutually agreed settlement terms. Once the parties have reached a resolution, conditions relating to the distribution of property, alimony, child custody and/or child care may be included in a separation agreement. Depending on the issues that will be resolved in the agreement, the name of the agreement will change. For example, an agreement to liquidate the separation and treatment of real estate is called the separation and real estate account agreement. Settlement documents can take the form of contracts or court decisions, and it is important that you discuss the preferred format for your particular case. Who owns your business after a wedding? If you own a business or open it after your marriage, this agreement can help you indicate whether or not your spouse is entitled to a portion of that transaction.