The rules for the use of capital letters are different in English and Romanian. Part of the most common translation errors is to apply English rules to the Romanian text. The context often tells the translator that something is not accurate with the meaning he suspects and that it is necessary to consult the dictionary, but there are also situations where the wrong translation seems acceptable. In English, for example, the series was reused with a new episode that could mean that the series was summarized in a new episode, but that actually means that the series was transcribed by the broadcast of the new episode after an interruption. There are many names of people, places, etc., who stopped with different graphics in both languages. This is particularly the case for the names of people who were not originally written with the Latin alphabet (Russian names, Greeks, etc.) which are transliterated into English and Romanian according to different rules, or names of people and historical signs, cities and countries that have acquired certain forms in both languages. Translations should not take english graffiti from these names, but respect the tradition of Romanian publications. Look for other words in the German-English dictionary. The table below contains a number of examples of “false or semi-false” friends in alphabetical order. Words in which the title “Bad Translation” does not indicate anything are “half-distorted friends.” AKTIVS WHICH HAVE BEEN THE OBJECT OF AN OPERATIONAL LEASING CONTRACT (21 Delay rates in leasing In recent decades in the Romanian language have borrowed many anglicisms, english words to quote new concepts, especially in the field of computers, internet, science and technology, fashion, etc.

The growing number of Romanians who know English and actively use English has accelerated this trend and has sometimes led to excesses, i.e. the lending of English words, to quote old realities for which the Romanian lexicon already has a strong concept. Such unnecessary borrowed anglicisms constitute barbarism, and careful writing, even on Wikipedia, must avoid such excesses which, for discerning readers, are clumsiness or even signs of snobbery in the natural use of the Romanian language. Annual rents and rents for long-term leases The rules for the use of punctuation marks and sometimes even the shape of the signs differ between English and Romanian.