I have read and understood this agreement and all its provisions. By signing below, I agree to be bound by the general conditions of sale. If your salary goes down, if you change flexible work, it can affect what you get when you`re fired. The agreed flexible working arrangements are described as follows: _____ According to gender role theory, society represents different roles between women and men because of their biological sex (gender stereotype). [3] Faced with the competing forces that women workers face between their workplace and their homes, the FWA is made very attractive. [3] FWA also has the ability to encourage men to play a helping role, as they have equal access to the program. [4] Even if you meet the eligibility requirements, you do not have the legal right to demand flexible work if: if your employer wishes to grant you less favourable conditions due to your new employment agreements, you can apply to an employment court. This could include a right to discrimination. The same applies if you switch from full-time to part-time and thus obtain worse conditions. If your employer accepts your request for flexible work, it means a permanent change to your contract.

They can agree on a trial period to ensure that the new agreements work. If you do not have the right to make a legal request for flexible work, you can submit a non-legal application. This is something that is not done under the Flexible Working Act. There is no set procedure for the question – it is advisable to ask your question in writing so that it is clear what you have requested. See below for more information on job flexibility requests. All obligations and responsibilities of the employee as well as the terms and conditions of employment of the company remain unchanged, except those expressly modified by this agreement. Any failure by the worker to comply with this agreement may lead to the modification or termination of the flexible working agreement established in this agreement. A successful flexible work arrangement is based on a common understanding and clear expectations between the employee and his or her supervisor. The following agreement forms formalize a flexible work arrangement. Greg`s changes to 10 a.m. instead of 9 a.m. so he can take his son to kindergarten are examples of flexibility.

He can ask for flexible work rules to take care of his son. Our flexible working time policy outlines our arrangements for employees who wish to change their schedules, days or weeks. Flexible working is the name given to any type of work model different from your existing one. Shirley is 60 years old and wants to finish on Wednesday morning so she can voluntarily commit to her local hospital.