We would like to remind City members that they have the right, in the collective agreement, for a steward to attend attendance management meetings. Members should request this to ensure that their rights are respected. “Our members love working for the city and serving the public, and they care a lot about the different communities that make up the city of Vancouver,” said Andrew Ledger, President of CUPE 1004. “Unfortunately, it has become increasingly affordable for many of our members to live in the communities they serve.” 15.1.1 Where a worker is engaged in a function other than full-time and is subsequently assigned to a full-time position within the classification assigned to him, his probation period shall be reduced by the period already spent in such a classification, but in no case less than a period of two (2) months for personnel who do not perform duties in the air: and four (4) months for employees who perform tasks online. 26.2 The absence of illness or incapacity for work shall not interrupt an employee`s leave credits or health and social security benefits, as CUPE 1004 represents more than 1500 employees of the City of Vancouver and the Park Board in this Agreement. Almost all collective agreements between municipal workers and their South Coast employers expire over the next two years, affecting more than 20,000 workers in communities ranging from Pemberton to Hope. 25.8 Where an urgent family problem requires an employee to be absent from work, the employee may, with the agreement of the company, use up to two (2) working days of sick leave in accordance with section 26 in respect of such absences or absences during each year of the collective agreement. Authorisation must not be inappropriately refused. A staff member may at any time take at least half a day (4 hours) off. VANCOUVER, Sept. 19, 2019 /PR/ – This week, the City of Vancouver and the Union of Canadian Public Employees ` (CUPE) Local 1004, which represent outside city employees and employees of the Vancouver Parks Board, opened collective bargaining in the first of a series of negotiations taking place this fall on BC`s south coast.

The union identified affordability as a key topic in the negotiations. 23.4 In the case of a general holiday during an employee`s leave or a scheduled day of leave, the employee shall receive, at the employee`s option, either one (1) additional daily wage for that week, one (1) day added to the employee`s annual leave, or one (1) day of leave with pay on a date agreed upon by both parties. 39.3 When an employee of the Company is involved in an accident that causes damage to his or her car and the amount of the damage cannot be recovered from another person or person, the Company agrees to reimburse the employee for the lower amount of the deductible or five hundred dollars (500.00 USD). (b) Each block of 10 (10) hours of visits precedes the consecutive days of leave and is followed 16.2.3 Severance pay is paid in two days and is considered severance pay. 5.5.3 An employee participating in a job-sharing agreement is subject to all provisions of this Agreement, unless the leave without pay is granted to more than three (3) workers duly authorized by the union to represent the members to carry out legitimate union activities (e.g. .