Note: The costs associated with the preparation of a consortium agreement are not reimbursable, as the consortium agreement should be signed before the grant agreement is signed. However, costs related to the updating of the consortium agreement shall be eligible if they are incurred during the duration of the action. Consortium agreements are similar to sponsored research agreements (SRAs) involving a single sponsor, except that consortium agreements provide for the distribution of obligations, rights and benefits among all members of the consortium. You have successfully approved the evaluation of your Horizon 2020 project application and finally signed the grant agreement and the consortium agreement. It`s time to start implementing the project for which you have EU support. The European Automotive R&D Council (EUCAR), the European body for collaborative research and development in the automotive and road transport sectors, has just published a new model consortium agreement. This publication is in order to make the most of time and resources and is therefore the right opportunity to draw up this agreement after the EC has informed that the project has been selected for funding and before the EEC signs the grant agreement. This period is approximately three months, which is sufficient for the preparation and conclusion of the consortium agreement. A consortium agreement is a contract that allows multiple sponsors (usually non-federal organizations) to participate together in supporting research and share research results equally. However, if more than one sponsor participates in a research project, the program will not automatically be transformed into a consortium. Since the consortium agreement is indeed a commercial agreement, we strongly recommend the services of legal counsel with expertise in the development of such agreements.

A Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) is entered into if an external institution, usually industry, provides UTD funds to support a particular research project, pending reports or certain results.