We accept roommate applications before June 3rd. Sometimes we are able to respond to a late request for a roommate. In these cases, the couple is assigned on the basis of the date of receipt of the late application. This can have a significant impact on the nature and location of the case you are assigned to. There are several discussions that can help potential roommates before committing to living together. These discussions can help reduce misunderstandings and stress after moving in. Before looking for a roommate, you need to consider the pros and cons and your needs (this is not what you desire). “They`ve been there for a month, maybe two months, and now they`re starting to look for housing. They don`t know their roommates. many times,” Sarbaugh said. It can be problematic when the time comes for them next year. Please use the Off Campus Housing & Roommate database to post your roommate profile and browse other CU Denver student profiles. The database is only accessible to CU Denver students. You must register with your CU Denver student information.

We don`t encourage best friends in the house, twins or siblings to be roommates – cohabitation weighs on even the best relationships. However, we will respect the reciprocal written requests of both students. We believe that an important part of the residential learning experience is meeting new friends in a new environment and interacting with them. We have tried a large number of methods to choose roommates, and although no method turns out to be perfect, we have opted for a method that works best for our students. At the beginning of July, you will receive a notification of room assignment. We will also provide you with the name and contact details of your roommates if you wish to meet and take prior precautions on what you need to bring to bring your room to your university home. If the roommates encounter difficulties, we will help with the mediation. If your roommate situation does not work, please talk to your advisor or residence staff. There are procedures that allow modifications within or between buildings. Even if your student has chosen their roommate, and especially if he or she hasn`t, help them connect them early and often.

The more students communicate before moving in, the less they will appear as strangers when the day comes. Often, students choose to live with a roommate while they attend university.