South Kesteven councillors are expected to vote later on whether to add £5 to municipal tax bills for the district. The final vote will be decided next month by all members of the Council. The vote was whether to prevent the Belvoir Hunt from using municipal land in Lincolnshire. Kelham Cooke, President-in-Office of the Council, said that the Authority needed to find new ways of working and that it was important to keep the Council`s business in operation. Council posted signs throughout the borough indicating that they would build two new recreation centres, one in Stamford and the other in the Deepings. In response, the Change4Lincs partnership received £600,000 to tackle the problem of rough sleep in these four districts of Lincolnshire. Earlier this week, city councillors were given a private briefing on the matter, before a statement was made yesterday and a letter was sent to tenants about it asking them to contact council if there were any concerns. This issue will also be on the agenda of a Council meeting next week. The group consists of 14 employees, including a nurse, four Outreach employees, four tenants, two local rental managers and two intensive support staff. Homelessness in Lincolnshire has almost quadrupled since last year – with the coronavirus pandemic at least partly to blame, a councillor has said. SKDC commissioned the independent audit to understand what work was needed in its real property, and the audit then outlined the Board`s shortcomings and what needed to be done to address them.

South Kesteven District Council Bureaux, St. Peter`s Hill Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 6PZ Tel: 01476 40 60 80 E-mail: [email address] A contract worth up to £7.2 million has been awarded to a company to improve municipal housing in South Kesteven. The extra money comes at a time when councils are facing a potential loss of millions due to things like parking lots and recreation centers. The regulator will also close its own investigation and draw up a report detailing the areas in which tit states that the Council`s housing department is not compliant. Karen Bradford, Chief Executive of South Kesteven, said: “As a local authority and owner of social housing, our immediate priority is and remains our tenants. That is why we have commissioned an independent audit and are taking direct steps to address the areas highlighted in the report. I thought it would be an ideal thing if our Council could lead the way and perhaps other councils could follow suit. The report, which has just been published on the Council`s website, states: “We have identified weaknesses in the control framework and weaknesses in the compliance with the management controls of security controls for compliance with housing legislation and we have agreed on seven management measures with high priority, eight “medium” and one “low” priority. The idea will be discussed at a council meeting on Thursday. The chairman of a Lincolnshire council has apologised after a photo of him appeared in violation of social distancing rules. Earl Baxter said he knew the Council would not meet its construction targets, but “I had no idea that the most basic security checks and state reviews were neglected.” South Kesteven District Council is reviving Committee and Council meetings, which the public can follow online.

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