According to the World Bank`s 2013 report “Republic of Armenia Accumulation, Competition, and Connectivity Global Competition”, the Global Competitiveness Index suggests that Armenia is the lowest among ECA countries (Europe and Central Asia) in terms of the effectiveness of antimonopoly policy and the intensity of competition. This low ranking explains in a way the low employment rate and low incomes in Armenia. [89] The market shares of the group of companies to which the contracting undertakings belong must be included (and not only the shares of the contracting undertakings themselves). The fact that an agreement restricts competition does not mean that it is automatically prohibited unless it is a hardcore cartel. An agreement falling within the scope of the prohibitions laid down in Chapter I or Article 101 may be excluded or excluded from the competition rules. Every company must develop a compliance program that meets its needs. This depends on the structure and conditions of the market in which you operate, as well as the size and structure of your business. A compliance program does not need to be expensive, but should be fully implemented, with properly trained staff and regularly reviewed. Once employees are trained, they can also identify cases where your company is potentially the victim of an anti-competitive practice. Violations of competition law can have devastating effects, including heavy fines for global sales, lawsuits against the directors involved, and serious reputational damage. Therefore, undertakings holding dominant positions should ensure that their employees are properly trained on behaviour considered to be abusive. Even if an agreement does not fall directly within the scope of a block exemption, it is not automatically illegal or unenforceable. An agreement may also be exempted individually because restrictions of competition are outweighed by their positive effects.

The burden of proof of compliance with the conditions of the individual exemption is quite high and it is up to undertakings to ensure that they themselves assess their compliance with the competition rules; It is not possible to apply for authorisation from competition authorities, except in very limited circumstances. No one may acquire, directly or indirectly, all or part of the shares or other equity. property of one or more persons carrying on a commercial activity or a commercial activity, by which. The acquisition of such shares or assets or the use of such shares through voting or the granting of proxies or otherwise may significantly reduce competition or create a monopoly. [95] However, this type of work requires targeted business awareness and a consistently high academic level. As it is almost inevitable to understand cross-border trade in this area, it may also interest you if you want to add an international aspect to your career. One of the main differences between US antitrust law and UK and EU competition law policy is that the EU has an enforcement administrative system that penalises companies with fines. While U.S.

antitrust law enforcement is based on criminal law, with fines and jail time available. .